Friday, December 31, 2010

Odds against it...

I woke up this morning with an extreme charlie horse in my right calf.  I haven't had the pain in years.  Why today?  Why in my leg?  What does this mean?  I better not start the program today.

It's my day off.  I never get a day off.  Why today?  Why am I off?  I better start the program today.

I found my shoes, which are actually good shoes thanks to my smart and beautiful daughter, Laura.  Why these shoes?  Why do they have to go on my feet?  Ok, I will stop doing that., :)  I found my workout clothes.  Put them on.  The cute little pocket that I have always wanted to utilize is on the OUTside of the pants.  Umm turn pants inside out.  Hair-Do so not a problem.   Pearls yes? Pearls no?

Out the door...yes I went outside.  And I started the program today.

Brisk walk. check. Sixty second slow jog, Check.  I cannot explain how long that first sixty second run was.  Thought I was going to fall in the ditch.  But I did it. and kept on.  It was difficult for me.  I realized I was going up hill, so I turned and started running against the wind.  Never said I was smart.  I worried about how far to go because heaven for bid that I walk/run too far.  The seconds of running got a bit easier.  The calf began hurting again, and the knees were in shock.  The feet were ok.  I actually ran, sort of.

Lesson for the day which is heretofro known as W1D1.  (Week one Day one for all you non runners).  I should have planned my route and maybe found someone to do this with me.   And I do need some cute clothes...hint hint.

Confessions....if I hadn't "blogged" about it, I might have not gone out the door.   And I did NOT do the warm down.  And I did wear pearls.. (HEY! I gotta be me)

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