Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let's just talk about it first.

Talk about it?  I've talked about it for years.  Then, I laugh hysterically.  Those that know me laugh hysterically.  I am a softie, a couch potato, a dreamer.  But I do want to be a runner.  I really do.  So what's different now?

This has not been the best year for me.  After a life of healthy everything, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Can't believe I am even typing these words.  I have done the surgery, the chemo and the radiation and now my numbers are good and I am finished..and this is not about that.  This is because of that.  

Hello, My name is Angela and I want to run.  So today, I am talking about it.  I have read and re-read C25k running program.  In nine weeks the program says it will take me from the couch to the 5K run.  I must say, I will put this program to the true test, remember I am soft and comfortable watching the Biggest Loser while eating ice cream and sleeping in my workout clothes.

My smart and beautiful daughter Laura has downloaded all the podcasts (a new term for me)  and my ipod is charged.  The only thing stopping me... is me.


  1. We cab talk about it for a while. I like that and if you need a long distance companion to run I'm up for a challange. Its a new year what better way to start. Let's me know and I'll get ready.